Friday, August 31, 2007


Alright, she's finally on here. Here are some GREAT videos of our first child - our pitbull, Corona. I found her as a stray 2 1/2 years ago and has turned out to be the most wonderful addition to our family.

In this first video, you would think that we don't feed her enough. She has this funny habit of chewing on her leg and then falling over...

In this second video, she's showing off her howling skills. Thankfully, she doesn't bark unless she's outside. But inside, if she wants your attention, she'll howl!

With Cousin Derek

Peter and Derek came over for piano lessons last week, and Derek wanted to hold her. What a pro! Don't worry Peter...she won't fall asleep before your turn next week. =)

Check out the cheeks!

She sleeps with her hands by her face somewhere, which gives her serious chipmunk cheeks.

I Love My Dad

Every morning after we read our scriptures, Sariah gets time with Dad. She loves her Daddy...

Flaring Nostrils

When she gets really excited, she flares her nostrils. It's one of the cutest things I've seen!

She LOVES her swing...

She would live in this thing if I would let her!

Mommy's Favorite PJ's

Anyone who knows me, knows my love of frogs (yes...I am a biology teacher). So, when I saw these pj's at Twice As Nice, I couldn't pass them up.

Here she is again in those same pj's, but just beautiful pictures of her...

Sariah Went to School!

On Thursday, I went to go visit my kids at St. Gregory. Well...I really went in to sign some paperwork, and decided to stay to visit. Thank you kids for being so sweet and gentle with her! Although I am enjoying being home, I do think of you often and look forward to teaching you again!!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Cute Nephews

At my parents' house, all of the nephews (except Carter who was already back in Kentucky) went into the back bedroom to watch Loony Toons. This is what we found...


She has been smiling for a while, but these are the first caught on camera.

Blessing Day

We blessed her on a Saturday at the Wilkes' home so Grandpa Franklin, Grandma Franklin and Uncle Doug could be present. The sweet girl cried through her whole blessing, but she sure looked beautiful. Here are some pictures from her blessing:

Dad and Grandpas:

With most of the uncles (only missing Uncle Adam). From left to right: Uncle Todd, Uncle Garrett, Dad, Uncle Chris, Uncle Doug.

Mom and Grandmas:

The entire family!

Uncle Doug and Grandma Franklin:

Out of the bathtub!

She LOVES her baths and LOVES to be bundled up after.

3 Weeks Old!

You now know your days from your nights. You eat like a champ! You are growing, smiling and holding your head up.

Home from the hospital

Sweet sleeping girl...

Daddy's Little Girl...

With Family

Here she is with members of our family.

Grandma Wilkes:

Grandpa Wilkes:

Grandma Franklin:

Aunt Courtney:

Aunt Kendall:

Our Little Girl

Here are pictures of our brand new daughter! She was born on July 16, 2007 weighing 8 pounds and 2 ounces. Welcome to our family, Sariah Vene. No little girl has been wanted or is loved more.