Thursday, June 25, 2015

James: 6! 6! 6!

Oh my sweet James.  Our family would not be complete without you.

You wanted to go to the Good Egg for your birthday breakfast.  In fact, this is how we finished potty training you - a treat from the Good Egg!

You wanted a Darth Vader cake.  Best cake there ever was!  You celebrated your birthday this year at Peter Piper Pizza with friends, and you felt so loved and so special.

You are still the snuggliest little boy.  You will snuggle me all the time, although I have a feeling it won't last much longer.

You are not about to be left behind, and you make sure your voice is heard no matter what.

You ADORE your little brother.  You are the best older brother - you are kind, and caring, and helpful, and you love to play with Seth.

Happy Birthday my brown-eyed boy!