Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Adjustments For All! 2 Weeks with Luke

Having a new baby brings its ups and downs.  Thankfully, we have had mostly ups.  Luke is a little fussy, I have had a more difficult time recovering physically, and the lack of sleep is affecting me more this time around than it has in the past.  But those are drops in the bucket compared to the love that Sariah, James, and Seth and showing towards Luke.  Or to the extra snuggles I get from this sweet baby in the middle of the night when it is just him and I and I can smell him all I want.  Or to the way that Sariah and James beg to help with Luke in any way possible.

It has been such a wonderful two weeks with Luke in our family.  How did we ever survive without him?  With the kids back in school, and Jared at home for another week and a half, we are starting to find out groove.  I have been so spoiled having Jared here!  I'm a little nervous for when he goes back to work!

It will be neat to see this sweet boy grow into who he is, and see what plans Heavenly Father has in store for him.  For now, I'll nurse him and snuggle him and smell him and enjoy him...until someone else needs me!