Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Kinder and Pre

First days of school.

I have a Kindergartner.  She thinks Kindergarten is her property to explore, and everyone else needs to get in line. Ha!

I have a preschooler.  He thinks preschool and Miss Malia are magic.  And they are.  I think James is in love.

Jared and I took Sariah to her first day of school together.  Watching her stand in line with all of the other big kids around her made my mind flood with questions: Did I teach her enough?  Will she be kind enough?  Will she listen enough?  Will she be safe enough?  Does she know I love her enough?

Alas, I could not pick her up from her first day of school.  I had to be in Phoenix for back-to-school meetings for the online school I teach for.  Thus, Jared took the day off so he could pick her up.  When he arrived, this is what he found:

She wears those glasses every day to school!  

Now on to James.  I thought I would have a 3 year old clutching to my leg, crying in agony at the thought of leaving his mother's side.  He loves his mother, and I love that he loves his mother so much.  Yet again - I was surprised!  He waved goodbye, and scooted on in to Miss Malia's like he knew he was expected.  

As I have written before, James has had 3 mothers all of his life.  How wonderful it is for him to be surrounded by BOYS, and they are his age!

As I left him in the care of his preschool teacher, the same questions flooded my mind.  In addition, some other questions were: Will he be brave enough?  Will he be strong enough?  Will he listen to his teacher enough?  Will he miss his mother enough?

I have learned that the answer is: never enough.  But we keep trying.