Thursday, March 12, 2009

24 Week Appointment

If you ask any nurse at my hospital who their favorite doctor is, they will without a doubt say Dr. Hutchision.

Dr. Hutchison is my doctor.

I treasure her. I look forward to my appointments with much enthusiasm because she makes me feel glorious about being pregnant.

My last appointment was abbreviated - she had to rush into a C-section.

You know what? If it was me in the hospital, I would want her to drop what she was doing to help in as well.

To make up for it, I had a list of about 15 questions for her! Some silly, but some received a response of "Wow, that is a great question that I wish more women would ask." Again, makes me feel gloriously pregnant.

All is well in my incubator!

Total weight gain: 7.9 pounds (which is good because I need to stay under 20 pounds).

Blood Pressure: 116/68 Perfect.

Baby's Heart Rate: I don't know, but it's sure going!

Movement: All over the place. Dr. Hutchison had to keep moving her Dopler because he would move. Houdini!

Measurement: Fundal height is 24.5 inches - exactly where it needs to be.

Not-So-Pleasant Symptoms: Braxton Hicks contractions (completely normal!), Sciatica (which will disappear after birth), and a few random hairs in a few random places

Pleasant Symptoms: Eating what I want!, James' movement, full luscious head of hair, clear skin, Sariah kissing my belly, sleeping with 3 pillows, pedicures galore (well...once in a deserved while), washing very small baby clothes and blankets, buying size 1 diapers, and the anticipation of adding another baby to our growing family.

Random Facts: I don't get a linea negra, my belly button doesn't pop out, I swell like you wouldn't believe the last few weeks (try only being able to fit into 1 pair of shoes for a month), and all I crave are carb-filled foods.

Nursing update: Many of you know that I wasn't able to nurse Sariah once my colostrum was gone. Guess what? Dr. H thinks that I don't have enough prolactin, which is the hormone that stimulates milk production. This can be a side affect of low progesterone levels (which is why I have such a hard time getting pregnant). When I go in for my glucose blood test, they will also check my prolactin levels. If they are low, BINGO! A shot after James is born to get it all going is all I'll need, and then I'll be able to nurse. I'll let you know the results!

Birth Plan update: The birthing tubs in the hospital's BRAND NEW labor and delivery wing are up and running!!! This makes me SO excited about having a natural birth. I have read that laboring in a warm tub makes the contractions more bearable. Does anyone have any advice on this subject?

Next appointment: 28 weeks with an ultrasound. I love ultrasounds!!


Adrian said...

So glad everything is running on track! It was so fun seeing you the other day! You really are glowing!!