Sunday, January 17, 2010

Milk, Meeelk!

Milking Cows. This was our FAVORITE episode of Sesame Street when we were growing up. OK, so it's not really called Milking Cows, but I'll bet you can guess what it was about just by the name!

Here in Tucson, there was a dairy farm across town. Many mornings, my parents would take us out there, pick up some Dunkin Donuts, and go see our very own Milking Cows.

I thought Sariah needed to experience this. So while Jared was helping a family move on Saturdays, Sariah and James and I headed out there! We were joined by Kendall, Aiden, Parker, and Emerson.

Sadly - when we got there - it was barren. No cows to be found. Broken fences, rundown milking house, and just totally abandoned. However, there was one lonely horse holding down the fort. She wasn't abandoned - food and water, but she looked lonely.

Even though there were no other animals, there was plenty to play with!

A pile of sheep wool:

A pile of something-else-that-I-don't-want-to-know-what-it-was:

And, of course, what farm wouldn't be complete without a tractor?

It was fun, but I think we'll have to find another farm to scratch our Milking Cows itch with.


howezookeeper said...

We have a great farm right by us that has events all the time and you can go walk around with hundreds of cows. It's called Superstition Farms ( If you get on their email list they will send you event announcements and fun stuff. The day we went was super busy but the girls could walk right up to the cows. I know it is not very close, but is quite fun.