Wednesday, March 17, 2010


That the Lord has a sense of humor. He wouldn't have given us children if he didn't!

At the same time, He sends us tender mercies to help us see the humor in situations.

Case in point. In my kitchen, I keep a towel hanging off the handle on the stove, and on the fridge. I'll wipe my hands on either of those because I'm usually within a step of one of those at any point in my kitchen. I change them every day, and always put fresh ones up.

For some reason on Saturday, I kept forgetting about the towels I had hanging up and grabbed a new towel every time I got my hands wet. Before long, I had all 9 of my towels on the kitchen table, each only having been used ONCE. Not dirty, not wet - just a pile of them there. I was so annoyed!

I walked around the corner to check on James, and that's when I heard it.

This lovely, 1-L cup full of water just splashed ALL OVER THE FLOOR. I RAN in to make sure Sariah was alright, and she was standing in the corner covering her ears. She does that lately and I'm not quite sure why, but it's pretty cute. Anyhow, I couldn't get across my kitchen to the towel drawer! Water everywhere and very slippery floor makes a bad combination.

BUT WAIT! I had 9 towels right there on my table, WAITING FOR ME!

This was round 2 of the clean up. I had Sariah help me wipe it up, and we giggled about it the whole time (with making a point of asking mommy for help). Had I stressed about getting across the kitchen to get the towels, it may not have been so funny.

I don't know about you, but I'm sure us mothers have some divine help. Makes our job a little easier, wouldn't you say?


Carlie said...

i wonder if she covers her ears when she knows she is in trouble. ellena will sometimes cover her eyes when she's busted, perhaps in hopes i won't SEE her standing there!

Adrian said...

awesome!! thanks for your great story! I tend to have towels everywhere in my kitchen too. Hayley pulls them to the ground from everywhere I hang them! At this point, I don't see reason to pick them up until after she is in bed for the night! ;)

Anonymous said...

That's great. Laughter can definitely be a survival tool!

Erin Tarwater said...

Hi Amber, I am Carlie and Jasmine's friend from the Hidden Valley ward, and I just got hired at Primavera and I wanted to ask you a few questions about working there if you have time. I emailed you on your primavera account but figured you may not get it if you're not teaching right now...anyways, here's my, or you can use my primavera account,!!