Monday, March 7, 2011

Self Portrait

Sariah's depiction I love how she's starting to create images that make sense. You can definitely see a person in this drawing - legs, shoes, eyes, even right down to the curly hair. I am awed every day at the transformation of simple developmental milestones, such as this. From scribbles, to pictures, to letters, to essays. I am so lucky that I get to witness it, even if it means that I look like the above picture for a while!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sneaky Sneaky Son

This boy!!! I turn around, and he has this:

And then I turn around this afternoon, and he's done THIS:

I think Lexi (the dog) was thinking, "Manna from HEAVEN!!!" because she DOVE in face first to the pile of goodness. And then Sariah...miss imaginative pants...had to be a puppy, too...

Good thing I documented it for future spouses, eh??

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Technicolor Treat

Don't get me started with kids and TV. It frustrates me how parents use TV as a replacement for sunshine, conversation, puzzles, dancing, learning, drives together, etc.

With that said - I allow my children to watch a little TV once in a while. Sometimes I'm not quite ready to wake up when Sariah wakes up, so I let her watch a show on PBS kids. And then there are afternoons (like today) where no one slept well...or at all... and everyone is cranky beyond sanity around 4pm, and everyone just needs to to sit and veg.

So, my children and Emerson got a little technicolor treat - "Jungle Book."

A little of this...

So I can tackle this...(dishes, dinner, counters, and floors)...

I also let my kids watch TV when I'm pregnant and am sick/tired/sluggish that first trimester. Please don't read into announcements here, I'm just saying that there are certain life circumstances that allow for some TV! But during those times, I'm usually right there with them, having fun watching the movie, too. Who doesn't love a little "Robin Hood," or "Little Mermaid," right?!