Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I had a hard day. Emotions are running high, my heart is aching, and I feel like things are spinning out of control.

I took a little break from it all. I had to – for my sake, for my family’s sake. The cool temperatures, the windows rolled down, the sound of the tires hitting the pavement, and a sunset like this do wonders for your emotions.

As I took some deep breaths and listened to the hum of my car, I started humming myself. I felt the spirit. I calmed down. I felt peace. I know this isn’t my battle to fight, and I know the Lord has everything under control. Tonight, I am even more grateful for a Father in Heaven who has a plan for each one of us, a purpose for each one of us, knows us by name, knows what we are feeling and going through. I have to lean on Him during this time and let it go. It is out of my hands, and I'm actually quite relieved. Things will work out - they always do, and it's not because of what WE do. It's because of what HE does.

Try it sometime – a drive, windows down, no radio on. You will be amazed at what kind of person you are when you return home.


Brianna said...

i'm pretty sure I need to do that myself.

Jasmine said...

Yes, we can all relate! It's good advice for everyone to step back once in a while and enjoy the peace the Spirit can bring.