Monday, June 20, 2011

San Francisco In Pictures (and a few words)

Food. Family. Food. Adventures. Food. Hills. Food.

(From left-to-right: Brother in law Matt, Dad, Brother Adam, helping my dad up a hill)

Baby seagulls - I had no idea they were spotted!!
Best breakfast ever: Mama's. There are only a dozen tables in the restaurant, so you have to wait outside in a line until there's a table open. You wait, you order, you eat, you leave. When we got there, the line was about 30 minutes. When we left, the line was 2 hours. There are no words to describe this food!
Cute couple, aren't they?! 2 of my brother-in-laws. They were standing like this - this picture isn't staged!
As we were waiting in line, we watched this window-washer hoist his ladder up 3 stories. It was breezy. It was fascinating to watch! I am also glad that I don't have that job.

Hills. The feeling you get as you are driving up a hill, but then once you reach the top, you can't see the down part of the hill because it's too steep? Yup. That.

Didn't eat at this place. Maybe we should have!!

The Golden Gate Bridge.

Alcatraz from the bridge:
Things we did, but didn't take pictures of:
*Ghiradelli Chocolate Factory. YUM.
*Watched as drunk couples stumbled across a park as they left a wine-tasting event. Falling over, even.
*Union Square shopping. Down town was gorgeous! Jared and I even popped into Tiffany's because I've never been in one. Beautiful.
*Bourdin Sourdough Factory - the best bread bowls! They have large windows so you can watch as the bread is being made, and even a little museum up the stairs.
*Found a sandwich shop that is also lip-smacking good. Sandwiches included the Naughty Nanny, the Porn Star, and the Big Banger.
*Ate dinner at the Stinking Rose, where everything had a ton of garlic in it (their signature). Homemade, fresh pesto = wonderful.

Adventures as part of a large family are always...interesting. So many strong opinions, funny memories and stories, and of course, camaraderie. Looking forward to our adventures next year!


Amy said...

Wow! What a fun trip! We love Boudin Bakery (they have one close to us)!

Jessica said...

I so want to go to San Francisco!! Great pictures! Looks like you had a great time! And I didn't know you were growing your hair back out! Miss you guys!

Aranic said...

Wow how FUN!! Great pictures too! I love the pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge, so beautiful!