Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sariah - 4! 4! 4!

Can my eldest really be 4?! I am loving this stage in her life because she is pretty much over that ornery 3-year old stage. She's sweet, loving, yet still fiesty. She's stubborn and gets frustrated easily, but doesn't give up on anything.

What did she want for her birthday? Only this:

And she wears it to do EVERYTHING:
If she had her choice, she would be going to kindergarten in August. However, she is beyond excited to go back to "Miss Malia" for one more year of preschool. It is so fun to watch her recognize letters, draw them on the backyard wall with her chalk, really take interest in books, and explore her world.

This age is so unique because everything that comes out of her mouth is original, creative, and very realistic to her.

Happy Birthday beautiful girl. Thank you for making me a mama!