Thursday, August 25, 2011


We are all familiar with the famous poem entitled "Footprints" in which a man is distraught about seeing only one set of footprints in his most troubled times. He feels the Lord has forgotten him and left him to wander by himself during those heart-breaking moments. The Lord then reveals to this man that not only has He been by this man's side, but He has carried him the entire way. Thus, the one set of footprints.

Tonight, I played with my children, and we made a lot of footprints. Some big, some little, some faded, some perfect, some smudged, some overlapping. It made me reflect upon the footprints we leave in our lives. Some are big, and have impacted a lot of people. Some are little, in that they aren't noticed or important, but still there. Some are perfect - we do something right! Some are smudged, and overlapping, and it is hard to tell whose footprint belongs to whom.

But no matter who we are, no matter our size, we are always going to leave footprints behind. My small children leave large footprints for me to follow. They forgive, they ask questions, they laugh and find joy in obscure things, they remind me to have FHE and family prayer, and they love unconditionally. Isn't this what life is all about? Relying on each other's footprints for guidance and direction, while trying to leave some of our own. But most importantly, looking for the Savior's footprints in our lives, and trying to emulate them.