Sunday, April 29, 2012


Today, we went to the PimaCountyFair.  The reason I write it all as one word is because that's exactly how Sariah says it!  As if it's all one continuous word, and it's pretty stinking cute.

The highlight of the fair?  A larger-than-life snow cone.

And then Sariah and I took a trip on the Ferris Wheel.  When I asked her what it felt like to be up that high, she said, "It's tickling my sides and I feel like a golden eagle soaring in the sky to catch food for her babies."  (I didn't even know she knew what a golden eagle was, let alone it caught food for her babies!)
And then Sariah went on the miggy-go-round (merry go round), and loved every minute of that, too!

Where are the pictures of James on the rides, you ask?  Well James is a should I say this delicately....a very cautious little boy.  He wouldn't go near anything except a small choo choo train.  Don't worry sweet son - there's always next year.

I have many memories of the fair - corn dogs that were a foot long, funnel cakes, huge cows, handsome cowboys, and being there with my friends.  Now that I'm a parent, my first thought is "My parents were CRAZY to let us go there all by ourselves when we were teenagers!"  I guess I'll have to cross that bridge when I come to it.


annieareyouok said...

Amber, I said the EXACT same thing about my parents letting me go to the fair when I was a teen. Craziness :) It's also pretty awesome that they would let us go like that though. Maybe I'll let me kids go to the fair when they're older ... and I'll just quietly hide behind things as I follow their every move.