Saturday, November 24, 2012

Tooth Fairy Magic

Last year, Sariah was afraid to go to kindergarten.  The only reason is because kindergarten meant losing teeth.  She was unsure about this adventure that life would be handing her during kindergarten.  To help combat this fear, we read lots of books and even watched a couple of TV shows about losing teeth, and the tooth fairy.

Time moved on, and she started kindergarten and had almost forgotten her fear...until her 2 bottom teeth started to wiggle.  But instead of being frightened, she was fascinated!  She was excited!  And she anticipated the day when her loose teeth would fall out.  Tuesday came, and she relentlessly wiggled her tooth during story time in her class.  At the climax of the story they were reading, Sariah exclaimed, "My tooth just fell out!!"  Her teacher was so good and sent her down to the nurse's office to help it stop bleeding.  They gave her a tiny little treasure box that kept her tooth protected until the end of the day.  When she hopped in the car that afternoon, she could hardly contain the pride in her accomplishment.

That night, she gingerly placed her tooth in her tooth fairy pillow and set it under her own pillow.  The tooth fairy came, and left her $1.  Oh my!  What would she buy with her $1?  She put it in her treasure box for safe keeping.  But anyone who knows Sariah knows that she challenges her self and constantly tries to outdo herself.

Since the other tooth was loose, too...she decided to get to work on that one as well.  Thanksgiving day, a mere 2 days after losing her first tooth, the 2nd one came out at my parent's house!  So guess who made a 2nd appearance that night?  The tooth fairy left her yet another $1.  That night at Thanksgiving dinner, she was explaining to anyone who would listen that she was going to make A LOT of money by losing her teeth!

I have 2 favorite parts of this whole experience.  My first favorite part is the lisp that she now has because she can't properly form some of her letters due to the gap in her teeth.  My second favorite part is the magic in our home when make believe comes to life.  Before I know it, my children will be grown up enough to know that these things don't exist, and the years I have to play these magical beings are very few.