Saturday, August 17, 2013

Gingerbread Men

The only thing Sariah wanted to do today was make a gingerbread man.  It was Franklin Family Chore day (meaning...clean the house) and I promised her that when all the chores were done, we would make one.  Miraculously, I had all of the ingredients!

Here is the funny part.  Sariah wanted to make one only so she could watch him POP out of the oven and run away!  She remembered last year, her 1st day of kindergarten.  The class made a gingerbread man, and when they went to check on him, he was missing.  They searched high and low for him all over the school - the library, the playground, the cafeteria, and found him in the nurse's office.

Alas, the gingerbread man didn't pop out of the oven.  So she is convinced that her school is magic, because that's where gingerbread men come to life.