Sunday, January 12, 2014

My girl makes my heart sing

This girl is changing before my very eyes.  She is growing up, and I love every minute of it.  Our relationship is evolving as well, in a very positive direction.  During her tough years, I was afraid that our relationship would always be a power struggle.  Me directing her actions and her rebelling.  Not so much anymore.  She wants to spend time with me.  She wants me to do her hair.  She wants to have "mommy dates."  She will actually sit on my lap and snuggle me!  She will say "I love you, too" as she gets out of the car.  She is opening up about her days.  She is asking for advice.  She is starting to talk about hard things.

As I parent her, I realize that we all envision the kind of parent we want to be from the moment that first baby is born.  I quickly figured out with her that I couldn't be the parent I wanted to be.  I needed to be the parent that SHE needed.  She has to guide my parenting.  And that means taking a step back and letting her come to me.  Letting her figure it out.  Not pushing her to say prayers, talk about her day, or even help her with her homework.  She will do it on her own time, and will ask for help when she is ready.  

I love her.  More than she knows.  And my heart sings with happiness as of late.