Monday, September 15, 2014

Joyous Mayhem

One child was wonderful.  Two was even better!  But 3?  Joyous mayhem!  And both of those words are magnified more than I ever thought possible!

 Seth is climbing things faster than I can keep track of!  He has found his way to the top of the kitchen table, and he has figured out that he can climb just about anything if he pushes over a chair or other stepping stool.

(Nice photo-bomb Sariah!)

James is so sweet, loving, snuggly, and...EMOTIONAL.  He swings from happy to sad so fast, and sometimes that is tough to work with.  No matter what position I am sitting or laying in, he'll always find a "nest" to curl up in.

Joyous mayhem.  We're about to start 3 weeks of fall break.  Let the mayhem continue!