Thursday, March 5, 2015

Dear Seth

Dear Seth,

Oh the joys of a toddler!  Having you, as our third child, has been quite the adjustment.  There is almost 4 years between you and James, so I was very out of practice.  You are the funniest, silliest, little guy!

You LOVE being naked.  But who am I kidding - what toddler doesn't love to be naked?!  You have the cutest little budda belly, and you love sticking it out.  You'll run around after your bath, and squeal as we try to catch up and put a diaper on you.

You have the funniest giggle and squeal.  You squeal with delight at dogs, cats, birds, airplanes, windows down, a cookie - just about anything that brings a smile to your face.

You love to jump on the trampoline with your brother and your sister.  They bounce you really high, which makes me very nervous.  But they always take great care of you and are very careful of where you are.

When going to bed, you insist on having a cold drink of water to take with you.  It has to be fresh, with 6 pieces of ice in it.  You lay down on your pillow, and I have to lay the blankets down on top of by one.  Once they are all on you, you pat your tummy because you know that you have them all, and you can go to sleep.  But not until we sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and we say 2 prayers.  I say one, and then you say one.

You will eat just about anything put in front of you!  I love it!  You are not afraid to try anything and love gobbling up mom's salad, or dad's mustard wrap, or Sariah's pickle.  You have the funniest taste buds for a toddler, and are happiest when you are eating.  You love to eat dad's matter what it is, or when he is eating it.  You will have a full dinner with us, and then insist on sitting on dad's lap to help him finish his.

You love going on walks in your stroller!  You love being outside, even if it is 110 degrees.  It will be so much fun when you learn how to swim!

You talk all the time, but have very few words.  You should have a lot more than you do, so we are busy reading books and getting you to increase your vocabulary.  I'm sure that one of these days, you are just going to open up and say exactly what you mean!

All in all, you are an amazing toddler.  You rarely throw a fit, you are happy all the time, and you eat and sleep  well.  You weren't too sure of your nursery leaders at first, but then quickly realized how fun nursery can be.

Our little family wouldn't be complete with you, our funny little caboose.  Keep growing!