Sunday, November 29, 2015

October and November, 2015

 This kid will sleep in his hat and sunglasses.

 Costco discoveries - warm, fuzzy bath mats!

 One of my favorite things this year.  James and Seth are watching the "cricket family that lives under the basketball hoop."

 This boy does nothing easy.  If it's bigger and taller, he's at the top!

 They are always snuggling and playing.

 Rolling down hills!

 At the top of a climber. All by himself. Pondering.

 Zoo with dad, on the cute little train!

 My shopping buddy.  This store has tiny carts for tiny helpers!

 Swimming in October?  Yes, please!

 When mom can't cook - green smoothies for dinner!  Again - the sunglasses!

 Pretty gnarly stomach bug ran through our house.  Diarrhea all day makes for some nice bath time!

 Halloween 2015: James - Ultron, Seth - Minion, Sariah - Wicked Witch of the West.

 This beautiful girl makes up her own music all day long.  She always plays or sings or something.  Never stop creating, little girl.

 My boys shooting their guns.

 Because you're never too old to play in a cardboard box...

 Getting ready for baby boy!

Christmas pj's to ring in December!