Tuesday, March 10, 2009


It's Saturday morning, and Sariah and I are at the grocery store.

She's clinging to Molly the Monkey, her fav partner in crime.

She's pulled out her pony-tail, so her hair is ALL OVER THE PLACE.

She's eating a complimentary chocolate-chip-cookie (bless those bakers), which has ended up all over her face...

...and jacket (which she won't let me take off, even though it's 75 degrees outside).

She's put on mamma's sun glasses...

...which are way too big for her face, so she's awkwardly tipped her head back to keep them on.

This, my friends, is Sariah on a glamorous day!

Need I say more?

NOTE: This picture was taken with my cell phone, so please forgive the lack of planning and quality. Sometimes you just have to capture the moment!


Emily said...

How cute! She sure has a fun personality.

Adrian said...

She is hilarious! It was so fun to see you guys and see her little personality in action!

Jen said...

That's adorable. She is definitely glamourous!