Wednesday, April 15, 2009


The Easter Bunny. The Resurrection. To me, those two things both bring back many wonderful memories of Easter. However, they don't seem to quite fit together. Personally, I want the focus of Easter to be on the Resurrection. I do still want the Bunny, though! Maybe just a smaller appearance?

Well...I didn't even do that this year. Sariah is still little - just 21 months. She doesn't know who the Easter Bunny is, what Easter is, or even what the Resurrection is. So, I was lazy and didn't do any Easter celebration this year. No candy, no eggs, nothing. Except attend a gorgeous Easter dinner with my family.

Next year? Easter, here we come! But with one small change - we are going to have the Bunny come to our house on Saturday morning. Then, we'll hunt for eggs on Sunday morning, with discussions of why Easter is important (appropriate for an almost 3 year old, of course).

Why hunt for eggs on Sunday, you ask? Eggs are a symbol of new life, purity, and repentance. Because of the Atonement and Resurrection, we can repent and have a new life. Be pure. Continually repent.

I have had professional pictures done of Sariah in her gorgeous Easter dress, and will post those soon. But for now, here are some pictures of dinner! We had dinner at my brother's house, which is a kid's DREAM. Huge backyard, slides, puppies, toys GALORE. And of course, cousins to keep you busy. With everyone bringing something to eat, dinner itself was wonderful.

NOTE: Don't you love Sariah's pony tail? She looks so big with it in! It's just barely long enough and I was so excited that she could wear one!

NOTE 2: I have no idea what is going on with our camera. It's got this funny fuzzy, almost romantic, look to the pictures. I am sure it's a setting of some kind, and I have to figure out quick what's wrong. Any ideas?

Note 3: I wish I had taken more pictures of what was going on. There was a GREAT whiffle ball game going on with Uncle Chris, Grandpa, and all the cousins. It was too cute! For more pictures, see Chris and Aubry's blog.

Next year, I am going to read THIS book, and celebrate Easter all week with my family. It is a book that starts the celebration of Easter on Palm Sunday (the week before) and incorporates activities for every day.

I also have a renewed love for my life at home, my handsome love, and my posterity (both the 21 month old who doesn't stop and the one growing in utero). Most of all, I have a deeper love for my older Brother to whom I am so indebted. He came into this world to take the burden of our sorrows, our sins, our shortcomings, and all our faults. I can obey, I can endure, and I can teach my children to do the same.


Aaron and Jessica said...

Mine was doing that too and I finally figured out the lens was fogged up! I wiped it off and it was fine after that! And I LOVED the pony tail. It was so cute!

Aubry said...

Ams- I have been trying to email you pictures from my new camera and I think the files are just too big... I need to see about shrinking them... but it seems you just copied some anyway...haha. That book sounds like something I want too.