Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fuzzy Balls

Sorry for the title of this post, but you'll soon be laughing (I hope) just as I was!

On Tuesdays, Parker (one that I tend) does not have preschool. So, we have our own fun!

Today, we pulled out the craft box. Parker has affectionately named it the "box of fun stuff."

In it, we have your traditional variety of toddler-esque fun. Finger paints. Foam pads. Foam letters and insects. Anything and everything to make paper plate masks, puppets, etc. Magic markers (that are clear but magically draw on special paper!). All kinds of scissors and glue and construction paper and anything you ever wanted! And of course, fuzzy balls.

Not 30 seconds into digging through this "box of fun stuff," the kids came across my bag of multi-colored fuzzy balls. You know - the kind you used to make the 3 buttons on your snowman when you were a kid. Parker gleefully exclaimed, "Aunt Amber! You have FUZZY BALLS!!!" If you don't know Parker, just imagine him waving his arms up in the air while dramatically exclaiming these words. I could not stop laughing. Of course, I was laughing at the fact that he proudly proclaimed that his female aunt had fuzzy balls. Please please please excuse the inuendo, but that's why it's SO funny! C'mon...you know you want to laugh.

Oh the FUN! They poured them out on the floor and commenced throwing, spinning, running on, hiding, and anything else they could think of with these fuzzy balls. At least they didn't stick them in their ears or nose...

After a little while, I made sure that they were all done. "Are you sure?" I would ask. "Yup," they would say. "Alright, then it's time to pick them all up!" The look of shock and horror that came across Parker's face as he realized the effort it was going to take him and Sariah to pick up all the fuzzy balls. The same drama that was witnessed during his excited exclamation was also seen here as he sadly, with tears, melted onto the floor and said, "Oh it's too much work for me to do! I'm too little!" Haha, right. If you're big enough to make the mess, you're big enough to clean it. We all sat on the floor and picked them up. Sariah helped a ton! And after about 10 minutes of picking them up, we moved on to painting...outside...and that's another post in itself.


Sarah said...

that's funny!

Carlie said...

i thought reading the title of your post, it couldn't really mean that.... but it's true. so so funny.

Melissa said...

Sorry, but I just HAD to see what this was all about when I read Fuzzy Balls. You sure know how to reel 'em in.