Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Numbers, Schmumbers

When I became pregnant, one of my first thoughts was, "How much weight should I gain?"

I asked my doctor, because I wanted to be a healthy overweight pregnant woman.

Her response? "Try to stay under 25 pounds."

I gained 18 pounds with Sariah, so under 25 should be doable.

A total of 22 pounds later, we had an 8 pound baby boy.

I stepped on the scale yesterday morning, a little apprehensive about what I would see. I knew I had lost weight, and it's typical to drop quite a bit of weight really quickly (baby, blood, water, etc.). Because the scale and I have never had a friendly relationship, my heart raced as I looked down.

The 22 pounds that I had gained were gone.

Plus 2 more.


24 pounds, gone.

"Yeah, right," I thought. To test this, I put on a pair of khaki capris that were a little snug before I got pregnant. You know, the "incentive" pair of pants you keep handy for when you start losing weight. They weren't snug. In fact, they were kind of falling off my hips.

I guess the 25 pounds I lost before I got pregnant really was starting to show. I just hadn't been brave enough to try on those pants - again afraid that 25 pounds wouldn't be enough to get them to fit.

I'm not allowed to diet because of milk production, but I am allowed to watch what I eat. This, in addition to a new walking regime, will help me start shedding the pounds once again. When I am emotionally ready, I will put my weight loss tracker back up on my sidebar for all to see - more accountability for me!

It's also amazing to me that in a matter of an hour, my uterus went from the size of a watermelon to the size of a large grapefruit. What an incredible creation our bodies are.


Jason and Amy said...

CONGRATS! That is so wonderful! I remember I weighed myself in the hospital and still hadnt lost any weight and I was freaking out, must of been all the IVs or something because when I weighed my self 1 week after the babies were born I was down 30 pounds (and still had like 35 to go :)) so good work on losing ALL the baby weight and more in like a week. You must be a celebrity those are the only people i see who seem to do that :)

Adrian said...

That's like the best feeling EVER!! (Not that I quite now how that feels because I didn't lose all my weight in one week!) But losing a nice chunk feels oh-so-good! Way to go!

Tucson Mom said...

Congratulations on your achievement in the weight department but most of all, the adorable baby you now have! What an accomplishment. :)

Jasmine said...

If you ever want to come work out with us, we have two professional aerobics instructors in our ward and we workout Tuesdays and Thursday at the Fairmount chapel at 9:30am. It's fun for the kids to run around and play with the nursery toys too!

GKWilkes said...

Amber that is so awesome! Congrats! LOL I totally have a pair of incentive pants in my closet.