Sunday, July 26, 2009

Secret Satisfaction

Today, my sweet husband is exhausted. Really exhausted. The kind where you look at him, and he looks like he's been run over by a truck.

Why, you ask?

Because Friday night, he fed the baby at 4am which allowed me to get a full night's sleep and get up at 6:30 with our daughter. (He got to sleep in until 7:45.)

Because Sunday morning, he awoke with our very bright-eyed little girl at 6:35 which allowed me to sleep until 7:45. (He went to sleep at 10:15. Well, so did I, but his sleep was uninterrupted.)

I smiled a big, giant, secret smile of satisfaction as he explains his reasons for being exhausted to those in church who comment on his zombie-like appearance. Maybe he feels a sliver of what I feel - getting up for the midnight feeding AND getting up early with our girl.

I love both times - midnight allows me to spend some quiet, peaceful time with my brand new baby. Early morning allows me some uninterrupted play time with my growing big girl. I know I will look back and miss these moments, so I try my hardest to enjoy them while I can. (But I also do look forward to the day when my baby boy sleeps through the night!)

I still chuckle at the thought of my exhausted companion. His heart is in the right place by taking one of the shifts on the weekends. And I love him for it.


annieareyouok said...

I totally agree .... it's good to let daddy get a solid spoonfull (or two) of what we go through in caring for our children day and NIGHT. It is sweet of them to help, but I think sometimes they think we have it easy "staying home all day". As mamas our days melt with the nights and it's one constant stream of care. At the end of the day it is nice when they help. That way they know what to do when they get home from work and we have that hit-by-a-truck look on our face .... take the baby from our arms and let us rest!