Sunday, December 6, 2009


At Weight Watchers, we learn that life happens. We go on vacation, the holidays roll around, and we get lax in our eating at one time or another.

There are three ways we can handle this:

1. Continue to watch what we eat, and lose weight.

2. Not be so careful, but monitor what we eat so we can maintain our weight.

3. Not care what we eat, and be alright with gaining a few pounds.

Because I LOVE FOOD, and I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS, I prefer #3. So this holiday season, I'm not going to count points. I'm not going to feel guilty for indulging in the treats that I look forward to every year. I will, however, continue to exercise in hopes of not gaining too much weight. Whatever I gain is not going to make me feel guilty. Afterall, this only happens once a year.

On a different note - I conquered bread! I made 2 loaves yesterday that turned out A-Mazing. The first loaf is almost gone, and the second loaf is 1/4 gone. I will make more tomorrow to last us through the week. =)

Now if I could only get those pesky rolls to cooperate...


bedonts said...

Yea! Congratulations on figuring out the bread! Nothing better than home made bread! Enjoy your holidays! :)

Aaron and Jessica said...

Yay! I guess we just need some practice. Meanwhile, I remember several times that I tried making pie crusts that ended with me yelling, throwing my big ball on the counter and then trowing it in the garbage! I guess I'll have to try that again sometime! But until then I'll be using frozen! :)

Karen said...

Gotta love Weight Watchers... I do. FYI here is a great recipe for pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Super easy and only .5 point each... I know your not counting but it's seasonal "indulgence" with minimal consequence: