Monday, December 14, 2009

Just today Sweet Boy, Please?

My dear sweet boy,

I know you love your mom. You love her so much that sometimes you won't let dad help.

I know dad's not as soft and squishy (literally) as I am.

I know dad smells different than I do.

I know dad doesn't hold you the same way I do when he feeds you.

I know dad plays a little different, and talks a little different than me.

But dad loves you just as fiercely as I do.

But today, son, I have a 102 degree fever.

I am throwing up, among other things. I will gladly spare you the details.

Dad has stayed home from work to help because I don't even have the stamina to pick you up out of your crib.

So just today, will you please let dad take care of you? If you do this one thing for me, I know I will be better tomorrow.

I just know it. And I know you will help me, because you are such a sweet boy, and you love me.


bedonts said...

Oh, Amber, I am SO sorry you are feeling so sick! If there is anything I can do for you...please let me know! I hope you get feeling better quickly!

Brianna said...

Its a tough time of year to be sick. I know I am reading this late...but I do hope you are feeling much better by now! *hugs*

Anonymous said...
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