Monday, March 15, 2010


Sariah has always had a very special relationship with each of her stuffed animals. At night, she methodically makes sure she has each one in bed with her. If she is missing one (out of the 11 she has), she knows it. She won't go to sleep until it's accounted for somewhere in her room.

As she has grown, she demonstrates such tenderness towards her animals. They are her babies, and she is their mommy. To her, they are real people.

She rocks them, sings to them, loves them, and sweetly tucks them in to bed. I'll often hear her say "Goodnight sheep. Love you." as she quietly backs out of her room and shuts the door. She is such a feisty little pistol, and throws tantrums like you've never seen. It's so nice to see her be so tender most of the time, especially towards her baby brother and her animals.

In this picture, her sheep was scared. Sariah wanted to put her in a safe, cozy place where she wouldn't be scared anymore. What better place than mom and dad's hamper?


annieareyouok said...

That is adorable.

Wendy said...

very cute! Tolson has a sheep too that he has to have in bed with him. Every night I have to say goodnight to sheepy too. Its so fun to see these kiddos showing so much love to someone smaller then them. She will make a great mom!!!!(she has a very good example to follow)!!!

bedonts said...

So cute! I love how they are each wrapped so carefully in their blankets! Even the sheep in the hamper! What a sweetheart! She is learning by the great example she sees in you!

Brianna said...

I also enjoy watching my little girls care for and tuck in their babies and animals as well. That motherly instinct shows up so early. I love when I am able to see one of those tender moments!

Ren, Anna, & Tristan said...

That is so sweet!!!