Saturday, May 8, 2010

I love to feel the temple...

I love to feel the temple
I'm going there someday
To hop on all the stair wells
To listen and to play!

For the temple is a pretty place
Where we can feel the spirit
As a child of God, I know this truth
Jesus really lives in it.

This was the song that Sariah and I made up as we talked about the Gila Valley temple open house. As a family, we really enjoyed going to the temple open house. It is an amazing thing...being able to walk through the house of the Lord before it's dedicated. It is beautiful beyond words.

NOTE: The reason there's no pictures of James is because we actually left him at home with a babysitter. My sister also left her youngest at home, so James and Emerson got to play together. I feel guilty about leaving him at home, but he would have been cranky and miserable due to missing a nap and not getting to bed on time. The next open house we go to (because there's 2 more in Arizona!!) we will absolutely take him. No judgments, please. :)

Before we went in the temple, we were ushered into the church building adjacent to it. There, we waited for an escort and we were shown a video. In the video, Elder Holland made this statement:

"I can't imagine what heaven would be like without my wife and my children."

This really hit me because it's something we all feel, but don't know how to put words to. I'm grateful for temples, and know that we can be together as a family, if we work hard to keep our promises and covenants. I can't wait to go back once it's dedicated!

By the way - the celestial room in this temple is the most glorious I had ever seen.


Jasmine said...

I LOVED the chandelier in the Celestial room. AMAZING!!!!!

bedonts said...

It was amazing! So VERY BEAUTIFUL! Amazing that it can/will be even more beautiful once it is dedicated to the Lord and His Spirit is felt even stronger! Incredible!

It was fun to see you there!

Anonymous said...

The celestial room really was glorious! It took my breath away when we walked in. My girls have taken to calling the chandeliers "princess lights" and promptly asked for one in their room. Not quite sure that will ever be in our budget. :)

Ren, Anna & Tristan said...

I wanted to go! I'm sad I won't get to. Who would judge you for leaving the baby home?? It makes perfect sense!!