Saturday, May 22, 2010

Legal Graffiti

Favorite toy of the season: Sidewalk chalk!

Thanks to Grandma Wilkes, Sariah had a fresh bucket of it and went to town. She, Parker, and Emerson first had to break it all in half:

NOTE: Yes, those are cans of compressed air in the background. They were having a blast spraying each other with it!

Next, color just about everything. From the screen door, to the cement slab, to the inside of the block wall!

Last, wait until it rains and start over! Or, in Tucson's case, spray the walls off with the hose for a clean slate!


Brianna said...

My girls got some from grandma as well! But we only have a 3 X 3 foot cement they started on the brick wall pretty quickly! But they sure had fun doing it!!!