Monday, November 15, 2010

Copy "Cat"

Whoever says kids don't pay attention, has never had kids.

While I was in the shower today, Sariah did this:

What is she doing? Where did she learn how to do that? If you scroll down to see my previous post, you'll notice my face. Sariah decided that she could do it...and she did! She actually did an AMAZING job!! I let her wear it all day because it looked so great.

I love watching this girl grow up. I can't stop it, I can't speed it up, I can't control it in any way. But what I can control is how I react to her growing up - her exploring, her curiosity, and her newfound love of life. I always feel sorry for those who say "I miss my kids at that age..." because they haven't learned to love what stage their children are at, at any given time. I love the baby stage, and I love this stage. Do I miss her as a baby? No, because if I did, then I wouldn't be enjoying her now! She was a wonderful baby, and she is now a wonderful preschooler.

Sariah is also starting to phase out of the naughtiness I was noticing a few months back. I read a few books on raising strong-willed children, which totally changed how I talk to her, how I discipline her, and how I praise her. It has changed our lives! No more battles. NONE. Or, if there is a battle, it's a small one and is handled very quickly because of the techniques I have learned. She is entering the phase of life where her imagination is hard at work. She absorbs everything around her, and plays all the time. She makes up stories to tell to her animals, puts her babies to sleep, and will explore in the backyard for hours!

Will I miss this stage when it's gone? Probably not, because she'll be at a whole new one - kindergarten. I'm not ready to talk about that one yet. It will be here too quickly!


Brianna said...

I see her in those pictures and can barely believe how fast she is growing up...but I also feel that same way about my girls. There are days I wish I could slow it down, but at the same time it is exciting!