Friday, January 21, 2011

2011: I Know The Scriptures Are True

This is our family theme this year.

We rang in this year's theme with a party, celebrating our family and the scriptures. Each member of our family had a crown, a fancy glass, and plenty of sparkles to go around.

Each person was celebrated, and got to share their feelings about the scriptures. There were several in attendance this wonderful night:

(LOVE his profile - so handsome.)

With our family theme, the scriptures will be at the forefront of our discussions. We'll read every day, we'll talk about the stories, and we'll refer to the scriptures when doing everyday things (such as the word of wisdom when creating a healthy meal).

We love you, 2011, and we are ever grateful for the scriptures.


Brianna said...

I love your idea! I wanted to follow that theme this year...because Primary is doing it too and I thought it just made sense to have the girl's Sunday lessons be a natural continuation of what they are learning/doing during the week. My girls love their little Book of Mormons, and they carry them everywhere they can. I look forward to creating wonderful memories this year through our family adventures together with the scriptures!

Wanna have a combined FHE sometime?