Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Welcome, 2011!

Welcome, 2011! We hope you are good to us. I'd like to put my order in for some change - a home with another bedroom to accommodate our family a little better, maybe a minivan/SUV with a third row for the same reason. A little padding in the savings account so we can buy our own home, and a little less padding on my body would be GREAT!

So far this year, 2011 has brought the following:

An unusual attachment to apples, courtesy of James. He will take a whole apple and carry it around with him almost all day long. He will eat the whole thing, too!

You have also brought a hew haircut for this sweet boy, and we can now do his hair Mohawk style!

And for miss fancy pants, she continues to dress herself, which blossoms with creativity every day. Lately, she will close herself in her room and close the door. When she is dressed, she will hop out (literally) into the living room, and bedazzle us with her wardrobe of choice. Her outfit would not be complete without the fuchsia purse that she got for Christmas from Grandma Wilkes.

And last, but certainly not least, our new furry friend. He's temporary, but has come with a good heart, a short tail, and love for the children. Here he is, sharing the floor with Sariah. Even laying in the same position! Thank you, Stubs, for being kind, gentle, and loving our children so.

2011 is sure to be a wonderful year! I am not a person who makes New Year's resolutions because I don't want to feel guilty about not getting them done. But I do have some goals in mind, and the New Year is just kind of a fresh start to get them going. Don't you think? Stay tuned!


Matthew and Courtney said...

2011 goal for me - wake up every morning positive :) It's about time you updated your blog!