Sunday, February 6, 2011


I had the following conversation this morning with Sariah:

S: Mom, are we going to church today?

Me: No, sweetie, not today.

S: Why, mom?

Me: Because dad's throwing up, James has a cold, and you have a cough.

S: And because you look like Einstein.

Me: *Chuckling* What?

S: Your eyebrows, mom. They have stitches, and you look like Einstein.

Me: I don't understand, sweetie. Can you show me what you're talking about?

S: Mom, look in the mirror. Your eyebrows have stitches.

Me: Oh! Those do look like stitches, don't they? Well, Sariah, I just need to trim and pluck my eyebrows. There's no stitches there. (The random hairs that needed to be removed, she thought were stitches!)

S: But you still look like Einstein.

Me: You mean Frankenstein?

S: Yeah, him! The stitchy monster!

Me: I see. Well, it must be time to trim my eyebrows then, huh?

(After a shower and a pluck...)

Me: How does this look?

Sariah: Much better, mom. Now, with a little mascara, you could be Einstein's wife!

NOTE: No makeup, even on a Sunday, after taking care of a sick husband and 2 sick children. At least I got a shower! And look - my hair is long enough to pull back into a pony tail!!


Dan and Katie said...

LOVE this post!! Kids are so honest in the funniest way!

Brianna said...

We've all been fighting various illnesses as well! So yes, that shower is a miraculous thing! And pony tails are the best!!!

Hope you are all feeling better soon.

mommatojoa said...

Oh the things kids say! They are hilarious!

Barbara said...

Oh goodness! Kids are so HONEST! Sometimes you just don't want to know what they will say! Lol. What a hilarious post!