Monday, February 28, 2011

Mama's Boys

James has been attached to me since the minute he was born, in that special way. Little boys adore their mothers, they love them, and they crave their embrace. James loves his mother in a wonderful way, and has rarely sought out his dad for comfort. It has made Jared a little sad, and frustrated at times.

Jared fell hopelessly in love with me almost instantly, but he had never been in love before so he didn't really know what he was feeling. I'm not being egotistical, I'm being totally honest. I'll tell you the story sometime - it's quite amazing, really. He loves me. He adores me as well, and I delight in his embrace.

Lately, James has fallen in love with his father. He will help him with projects, snuggle with him in church, and sit on his lap to eat his snack. Jared loves it, because his boy is starting to return the affection.

My mama's boys. Aren't they handsome?


annieareyouok said...

Ahhhh yes. It's so sweet to see a boy and his Daddy and to have them do "manly" things together.