Monday, April 4, 2011

Angel Lexi

Meet Lexi. Lexi had it hard growing up. She was abused, and used as a bait dog. She had to fight for her life - literally. She came from the kind of family that gave PitBulls a bad name. She was taught to fight, was beaten, and starved. And then she was dumped in the desert and left for dead.

Until Angels for Animals found her, rescued her, and saved her life. Lexi came to our home to rehabilitate, and get well.

Lexi knew she had been given a second chance at life. She LOVED everyone she met - sometimes too much. She felt she was a 60-pound lap-dog. She snuggled, licked, and couldn't get enough of people. But do you know who she loved the most? Children. She followed my children around all day because they adored each other.

Unfortunately, Lexi's fighting instinct never went away. When she saw another dog, her instinct kicked in and she felt she had to fight for her life. Instinct took over, and her rationale disappeared. We discovered this as we went along, and knew that whatever home she found (she was a foster at our house), she would have to be an only animal. She just couldn't ever be taught to love other dogs because she was taught to kill them. How do you change that? You don't.

Sunday afternoon, it was warm and breezy. The front window was open and we were enjoying the last bit of the afternoon session of conference. A dog walked by on the other side of the street. Lexi feared for her life, pushed against the screen, broke it, and fought for her life. Jared and I ran out there as fast as we could. Lexi had a hold of this other dog and wasn't letting go. We got her off, Jared wrestled her to the ground, and the other dog was tended to. No harm done to this other dog. None. Lexi had her collar in her mouth. Otherwise, this dog would have been dead.

Jared put Lexi in the garage, police and Animal Control were called, and I sat with this woman who's dogs were just brutally attacked. This woman adores dogs, too, so her heart is softened towards animals who were abused. But when she looked me in the eye, and with tears in her eyes admitted, "I want that dog put down," all I could say was, "You're right. She will be. This can't happen again."

Angels for Animals was called, and Margie (one of the founders) came out. She agreed that Lexi had to be put down. This can't ever happen again. It shouldn't have happened in the first place. As I sobbed, Lexi was taken away. I wasn't sobbing because I didn't want it to happen - I knew it had to happen. I sobbed because this was inevitable. By 6pm, she was an Angel.

Damn you animal abusers who forced her to be like that. She was an amazing dog, and would have lived a long, happy life, had you not created a monster. YOU are the kind of people who give pitbulls their reputation, not the dog themselves. She couldn't help herself! She didn't know any better! I am so angry at you. There is a special place in hell for people who abuse animals and children. You WILL stand accountable one day for your actions - and you better believe I will be there, testifying on Lexi's behalf.

We will miss you Lexi girl. More than you know. I am glad you are free of your physical rage towards other animals, and can play until your heart's content.

I have seen the neighbor's a few times since, and they are all doing wonderful. The dog doesn't even need to go to the vet because she's just fine. Tender mercies.


McCrazys said...

Amber- I am so sorry for your families loss. Your story touched me and your righteous indignation was so powerful I had chills while reading. I think you need to write this story up and submit it to the editorial section of every newspaper. Maybe it would change just one person.

annieareyouok said...

Oh Amber I am so sorry. The loss of a beloved pet is so difficult. She was lucky to spend part of her life in your home and to be so well taken care of and loved.

Gooch Family said...

So sad :( I'm sorry

Brianna said...

Your story brought me to tears. I cannot understand why people would do such terrible things to animals (or little children). Nothing upsets me more than to hear sad stories like this. I think of my family, who longs for a loyal and loving dog, and hearing the abuse and loss of one strikes close to my heart. Heck, we cried this weekend when Tati's fish died! Animals are creations of our Heavenly Father, and should be treated as such. I am sure Lexi was blessed to spend the end of her life in a home where she was loved and cared for. You were a gift to her!