Sunday, April 3, 2011


As I sit on this glorious Sunday, I listen to this man and his apostles. This is President Thomas S. Monson, and it is conference Sunday. During the morning session, my children played on the living room floor while the Mr. and I watched them and listened to their words. Even if you are not a member of the LDS church, or do not believe as we do, one can always feel the love President Monson has for everyone. He has a genuine desire for everyone to be happy, for them to be secure in their beliefs, and to strengthen their families.

I am always touched when I listen to conference because I learn something, I find new ways to remember Christ in my life, and my testimony grows. My thoughts wandered to heaven, or as we believe, the Celestial Kingdom. I am striving every day to get there, and to teach my children the principles that will get them there, too.

To me, the road kind of looks like this.

* One step at a time.

* If we are not careful, we can fall off.

* If we do fall off, we can swim ashore (hard work!) and climb again.

* Just when we think we're going straight, life happens and we curve to the left of curve to the right. But while the curves happen, we are still climbing.

* The path is lit, so we can see where we are going.

Heaven. Whatever your idea of heaven is, may we all get there and help each other along the way.


Diane said...

I like the way you put it. It sure was a nice day.

Crystal Pistol said...

I'm basking in the glow of conference too. Happy and peaceful with all the best intentions.

Nice post.

Brianna said...

I loved conference weekend. It was beautiful and much needed. I like your picture and description of the path to heaven. So much so, that I think a copy of it on my wall would serve as a great reminder to keep working, keep trying, help others along the path, and enjoy the presense of our Heavenly Father when we finally reach the top!