Sunday, November 13, 2011

Chocolate Milk

Sariah loves rides in the afternoons, putting the windows down and letting the wind blow in her face. She's beautiful and peaceful when she does this. Here, she is singing "I Love To See the Temple" as we go for our afternoon drive.

Sariah thrives on routines. She has ever since she was born. When she knows what is coming next, she feels smart. She feels secure. She is happy. When that routine is thrown off, she becomes confused, insecure, and unpredictable.

Part of her daily routine is her morning chocolate milk. She wakes up, comes to get her dad (who is usually just getting out of the shower), and he makes her some chocolate milk. She snuggles on the couch with her yellow blanket, watches "Curious George" and drinks her milk. Once the show is over, and her milk is gone, she comes to get me and we start our day.

On Friday morning, her dad wasn't home when she woke up. He was helping my dad with his computer. Sariah came to get me, and with pouty lips, expressed her dissatisfaction that Jared wasn't there to get her milk. I told her I would do it! I was up to the task! As tears rolled down her cheeks, she explained that only her daddy could make her the chocolate milk. I couldn't make it right, so I couldn't do it. She then told me how much she loves her daddy, missed him when he wasn't there, and missed her chocolate milk.

My heart was both happy and sad at the same time - happy that she loved her daddy's chocolate milk so much, but sad that she missed him when he was gone. She happily showed me how to make the chocolate milk like daddy did, and was happy enough. I hope that she and Jared will continue to create these kinds of traditions, even into her teenage years, to strengthen their relationship.


Brianna said...

When my girls were younger, they also shared a "chocolate milk" routine with their daddy. Sadly, when he was away for 6 months for military training that routine was ended...but it was very special while it lasted. Keep it going! :)