Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Stubborn Streak

This little girl has one amazing stubborn streak. Case in point.

The rule in our house is: "If it's not in your dirty clothes' basket on laundry day, it doesn't get washed." This particular 4 1/2 year old knows how to pick up her clothes and put them in her laundry basket because I taught her how!

One week, she wouldn't pick up her clothes because she couldn't see them. They were on the floor, but her room was too messy to even get to them! She and Emerson always play hard in her room, so it's usually a disaster.

(NOTE: I was never required to keep my room clean. My mom knew that our room was our domain, so she would just shut the door and know that we knew where things were. I am alright if Sariah's room is messy. She'll reap the consequences. Can't find her shoes? Then she doesn't get to go with me. Can't find her crayons? Then she doesn't get to color. You get the point.)

The only day I make Sariah pick up her room is on Saturdays. Saturdays is our cleaning up day. this particular Saturday, she wouldn't pick it up. So she stayed in her room All. Day. This is what her room looked like at 7:00pm:
It also looked that way on Sunday at 7:00pm. It wasn't until Monday morning, at the thought of not going to preschool because her room was still messy, that she decided to pick it up.

And she had everything picked up and put away in 10 minutes flat.

Really? 2 days to do 10 minutes' worth of work?