Sunday, March 18, 2012

No old lady organ player here!

When you think of someone who plays the organ at church, a sweet little old lady with gray curly hair, glasses with a pearly chain, and a knitted sweater, are typically what come to mind, right?

I am one of the organists in our ward, and I got one of the sweetest compliments. A woman came up to me after Sacrament Meeting, and told me what a breath of fresh air I was up on the organ! With my big earrings, fun purple flower in my hair, frilly sweater, a gorgeous chunky necklace, and pretty makeup, I put the stereotypical organist to shame.
I was so shocked! I'm usually not the cute one - the one with cute hair, clothes, jewelry, or make-up. But it was so fun and unexpected that it made my day! I gave the woman a huge hug and thanked her for her heart-felt compliment. There is almost nothing better than putting a stereotype to shame...and have someone notice.


Aubry Wilkes said...

You are gorgeous! And I love you!!