Monday, March 5, 2012

Toilet Paper Tower

There's nothing that building a toilet paper tower can't fix! I unwrapped a huge package of rolls from Costco...and the kids went to town. Their imagination ran wild and they had so much fun!!

I had a thought cross my mind today, and that was this: by small and simple things, great things come to pass. I have no idea how this applies to building toilet paper towels. But it's a thought that has stuck with me all day. And when that happens...I must dissect it!

Maybe all it is is a reminder to spend more time with my kids doing silly things. This will help strengthen my relationship with my kids because we will know how to have fun together. I'm not going to get too deep here. But I want my children to have memories of us playing together, being silly together. I always want to have time for them, no matter how busy I am. In a recent stake conference, our visiting general authority told us to never be busy parents. Never even APPEAR to be busy. Because if we appear busy, our children will not come to us.

I am busy. I am incredibly busy - I have 2 children, and a third in my care 4 days a week. I teach full time for Arizona Virtual Academy, and part time for the University of Phoenix. I hold 3 (simple) callings in church. I am busy - but aren't we all?! Yet when my children are at home and awake...all of that gets put on the back burner. And I love it. And I hope I always remember to make it that way.


mommatojoa said...

What a fun idea. Toilet paper towers :)

I need to remember to not be too busy for my kids. I tend to always be too busy.

Thanks for the reminder!