Monday, May 21, 2012

Cousins and hammocks and donuts, oh my!

Had a really fun weekend!  On Friday afternoon, we loaded up the car, picked up Jared, and headed to Mesa for an overnighter with Courtney and her family.  My children were oozing with anticipation and excitement at seeing Uncle Matt and Makenzie!  (James calls her Aunt Kenzie, eventhough she's his cousin.)

We stayed the night, played all day on Saturday, and even got the famouns Bosa donuts for breakfast.  There goes my eat-clean lifestyle and WW points out the window!  But let me tell was well worth it.

We were fortunate enough to get a babysitter on Saturday afternoon and go to the temple to do some sealings. It was a much needed break from life.

Courtney talked us into staying Saturday night, and I am so glad we did!  I think next time we won't stay for the weekend.  We'll stay an entire week!  Thanks, Court, for having us!

When the time came to leave on Sunday, the kids were not happy.  Pile that on top of a long, 2 hour drive, and the questions started.  "Are we home yet?"  "How much longer?"  So I explained to Sariah that we were making our way home little by little.  Her response?

"Mom, little by little?!  How come not BIG by BIG?!"

Funny kid.