Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tornadoes and Tomatoes

(Sariah and James, first thing in the morning.  Sariah watches a movie on the Kindle Fire, and James watches a movie on the computer.  Don't worry - doesn't happen all day!)

The following conversation happened in the car today on the way home from preschool.  Need to record this for posterity because it is just too precious! 

Sariah: Mom, I had a bad dream last night.

Me: Oh really?  I am so sorry!  Will you tell me about it?

Sariah: I had a dream that James got stuck in a tornado and I never saw him again.

Me: That is a terrible dream to have!  Where did the tornado come from?

Sariah: The tornado came from Dorothy's house.

James: I got sucked up in a tomato from Dorky!

Sariah: But then the good witch came, who kind of looks like a ghost.  Hmm, maybe she's not the good witch if she's a ghost.

James: The holy ghost witch catched me.

At least I know that somewhere in his brain, our FHE of the Holy Ghost registered.  Even if it manifests itself as a good witch that rescues him from the tomato.