Saturday, January 26, 2013

Baby Boy Sonogram

This pregnancy is glorious.  I have no words to describe how incredible it is to be creating life, especially because there was a time when we weren't sure if we would be able to or not.  He is growing.  He is healthy.  He is doing everything he needs to.  I am richly blessed.

It's definitely a boy!  Here is the proof:

Here are his eye orbits.  She was checking for the bone behind the nose.  A missing bone is an indication of downs syndrome but it was there!

The top two pictures are his legs.  The bottom left picture is his arm.  The bottom right picture is his spine.

Top left is his orbits.  Top right is his palate, which was all intact so no worries of a cleft palate.  Bottom left is eye orbits again, and bottom right is "thumbs up!"

His sweet feet!!!  I am in love with baby feet.  Seriously.  It's an illness.  Hard to believe these feet are the size of a kidney bean!

His sweet profile, and his arm up by his head.  James sleeps with his arm up by his head, and that is how this baby was a lot of the sonogram.  So sweet!

What I love most is this picture - it's a 3-D picture of his sweet face.  I have no idea who he looks like, but it is so neat to see some of his features.

And two more pictures of his profile.

Miracles do happen.


Jason and Amy said...

these little sonogram pictures melt my heart. so happy for you

Johnson-n-Johnson said...

LOVE this for you! How exciting! Congrats to an incredible mother who I admire more than words can say!