Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter - A combination of Christ and the Bunny

I love the magic of the holidays that roll around.  Each one has a deeper meaning, and I love the discussions that we have with our children about the meaning of Easter.  Hope.  Christ.  Resurrection.  Starting anew.  And of course, the Easter Bunny.

I am going to do things differently next year.  But for this year, we did our traditional eggs and hunt.  We didn't give the kids any candy in their Easter basket because they just don't need it.  Let's face it: who does??      I tried out a new Pinterest idea and was so excited!  Shaving cream marbled Easter Eggs.  Shaving cream + food coloring = marbled eggs.

MAJOR BUST.  It did not work at all, and so we had plain, white, barely-tinted eggs for the bunny to hide. But do you think that stopped their enthusiasm?  NO WAY!  The morning hunt was as eventful as ever!  Sariah even wrote a note to the Easter Bunny that said, "Dear Easter Bunny.  I need you to hide the eggs harder for me this year.  Hide some for James, but hide hard ones for me! Love, Sariah."  This girl cracks me up.  

As promised, the Easter bunny delivered.  Easy ones in the back for James, and hard ones in the front for Sariah.

This beautiful Easter Sunday, I am so grateful for my Savior.  I am grateful for His atonement so we can be together as a family forever, and continue to be the best human beings we can be.