Thursday, February 27, 2014

9 Months!

Since there isn't a February 30, today will have to do for Seth's official 9 month post!  He had his 9 month well-check today and is looking amazing.  Here is what he is doing:

* Pulling up on everything he can!
* Holding strong with 6 teeth
* He will charm and smile at ANYONE
* He doesn't crawl.  He crawls on his stomach, but not up on his hands and knees.  Maybe he doesn't like the feeling of the hard ground on his knees?
* He will eat anything you give him.  This makes for fun meal times, yet also makes him a scavenger in the kitchen. 
* He loves his jumperoo
* He is starting to babble!  Mamma, dadda, babba, dadda, etc. 
* He will crawl around with things in his mouth, like a dog carrying a bone. It's hilarious.
* I can't put any clothes or a diaper on him without feel like I'm wrestling a python.  He rolls and twists and kicks and it's a pain!
* He is starting to throw some pretty funny tantrums.
* Life would be so boring without this curious, adventurous little boy!