Monday, February 3, 2014

I love to see the Gilbert Temple

The Gilbert, AZ temple open house is going on.  Today, I took the kids out of school and Jared and I took off of work and we went up to go see it.  This temple is exquisite - agave plants inside and out, in the stained glass, along the floor of the baptismal font.  It has a celestial room that would make anyone want to sit down and gaze for hours.  The best part?  Being there with my children and my husband.  Sariah held my hand the entire time (which she doesn't do) and talked and oooh'd and ahhhh'd and giggled and dreamed and felt.  James?  Well he's a 4 year old boy who just wanted to climb the water fountains.  And my handsome hubs right there beside us all.  What a memorable day.

NOTE: We left Seth with my sister so he could take his morning nap in peace.


Derek & Melanie said...

I wish I knew you were coming. We live only 3.5 miles from the Gilbert Temple. Its pretty incredible. The beauty inside and out at that temple is amazing. Glad you were able to come up and see it.

Amy said...