Saturday, October 11, 2014

Cousin Trouble

Boy oh boy do these cousins love each other!  At 30 days apart, they are bound to be best buds.  I sure hope so!

We spent some of our fall break days at Courtney's house.  We took Nugget.  That's an entirely different blog post!

I think the kids spent 80% of their time outside, and about 99% of their time outside in the awesome treehouse.  Next time, I'm taking my nice camera!

These two little boys had such a grand time following each other, and playing with each other.

Two little cousins who are smart enough to close the door.  However, neither of them is tall enough to open the door back up!  So they stood their and cried.  I had to get a picture before we rescued them!

Probably their favorite thing to do was push each other around in this baby doll stroller.  It took them a while to figure out how it all worked.  But once they did, they zoomed around!

Until someone was ready to be done.  But then they didn't just climb out.  He FLOPPED himself out in frustration.

I die everytime I see that picture.