Friday, October 24, 2014

Exchange with a Gallon of Milk

Today, I took Seth and went to Wal-Mart.  Now, if you have ever had toddlers in tow while venturing on your errands, you know that things never go as expected.  You have to have a few things packed in your purse to keep them distracted, extra diapers in case of an accident, or even just the mindset that if things go south - you will ditch your cart and bail.

This morning, as we were meandering about, things went wonderfully according to plan.  Until I got the gallon of milk.  Seth, being just as independent and vocal as his older sister was when she was a toddler, was very clear about wanting to hold the milk.  So I set it next to him instead of on his lap, because it was so heavy.  Do you think that satisfied Mr. Independent?  After a very colorful exchange between Seth and the gallon of milk, I figured it was time to quickly check out and leave.

As we pretty much sprinted to the front of the store, I noticed the sweet little old ladies doing their morning shopping either chuckling along with the commotion or glaring at me.  I either made their day and miss the days when they had young children, or I completely ruined their calm and peaceful shopping trip.

I'm just glad that the milk was the LAST thing on our list!

NOTE: Falling face first into a slide at the park is what gave him that wonderful swollen cheek and purple bruise.