Sunday, October 7, 2007

Cyst Update!

Well, I had the biopsy done on my cyst, and it is all benign. PHEW. I knew it would be, but it is still nerve-racking walking in that office, laying on a table and knowing that the doctor is about to stick a 6 inch needle in my neck (with nothing to numb anything) and dictate to me what the next few months of my life will look like!

Here's the scoop - I have a colloid cyst. This is different than the cyst they found on my ovary. I'm tired of finding foreign bodies inside of my own body!!! This cyst will never stop growing, and is kind of funny. It will grow rapidly and then lay dormant for a couple years. Then it will grow rapidly again and then become inactive. This explains the pattern of growth/no growth that we've seen these last couple of years. Because it won't stop growing, it will continue to get bigger and will eventually interfere with my thyroid function. This is not good, so the doctor recommended that I have it removed to prevent any of those serious complications. I have a surgical consultation on Friday morning to discuss my options, what the surgery will entail, and what the recovery will be like.

I'm just so glad that things are fine, and this can be taken care of. Heavenly Father really looks out for us when we're very scared!


Jason and Amy said...

sounds look good news. so glad to hear it! keep us updated on how everything goes

The Wilkes said...

Glad everything is going well. We just bought our tickets to come down for 2 weddings over should be pretty crazy busy, but a good crazy busy!