Saturday, August 16, 2008

Keeping Mommy Company

I don't hesitate to jump in the shower while Sariah is awake. She is SO GOOD at playing and entertaining herself, that I don't worry. I arrange the house so the only places she has to go are my room, the family room, and the hall. She will periodically come and check on me by pulling back the shower curtain to make sure I'm still in there.

Thursday, she decided I needed some company in the shower, so she started bringing me by one...and putting them in the shower with me.

This is what I ended up with after my 7 1/2 minute shower:

I had a balloon, elephant, tractor, linkydoos, a sippy cup, and a ball. What a thoughtful girl!


Johnson-n-Johnson said...

Hey Amber! Your daughter is so dang cute. Man, she's cute! And hey--congrats on the weight loss. keep it up woman!!!

Carlie said...

we even have a transparent curtain, and ellena still pulls it back to makre sure i am still there. :) she is such a sweetie.

Ren, Anna, & Tristan said...

That's so cute! What a funny little girl.

Jessica said...

that's funny! it's nice of sariah to bring you toys while in the shower. brady tries to bring me my shoes, clothes or other things that don't belong in the shower!